Local Churches

Local Churches For Those New to the Area!

Moving into a new area means plugging into new things- new schools, new activities, and, for many, a new church. As Christians, we want to make sure that any individuals interested in visiting a new church feel welcome and have that opportunity. If you are new to the area and looking to find a new church family, there are plenty to choose from. Obviously, it would be difficult for us to list every church with its contact information here, but one excellent resource for church information is the X-tended Missions Network. You can visit their website at xmn.cc and click the Network Churches tab to obtain a list of all of the local churches that are part of the X-tended Missions Network. Adjusting to a new area can be difficult, but we are confident that you will feel more than welcome at the wonderful church homes in this area, and we wish you the best in settling in!

Are you already part of a church family? Feel free to comment on Facebook under this blog and invite others to your church home!



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