Knowledge is Power

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Having the right tools for the job makes all the difference in the world. During my Home Depot days, it was not uncommon for someone to come up to me with a project in mind. After some small talk about what they were trying to accomplish, we’d set out to get everything they needed, which usually consisted of long lumber and sheet goods. After loading down the cart with $200 of 2×4’s and OSB, I’d help the customer out the door and wait until they pulled under the overhead in their vehicle.

I found it to be a recurring theme that some customers would pull up in their midsize car. Here I sat with a cart full of pressure treated lumber, some fence pickets and 3 bags of concrete.

“Alright,” the customer says. “How we gonna do this?”

            “I don’t know. You’re the one that brought the Camry,” was my initial thought. It wasn’t easy but somehow we’d manage. We’d have little Johnny move over, stack the concrete in the front seat, tie the OSB to the roof…and they were ready to roll.

The regular fence contractors (the most regular contractors we saw at the store I worked at) were a different story. They’d call their order in the night before or have a material list ready to go every morning when they came through the door. In 20-30 minutes, their fence package was pulled and rolling out the door. Their trucks and trailers were ready to be loaded under the canopy. 6×6 posts were laid across the side rails, making for easy access for forklifts. Like clockwork they were in and out.

The point of the story is this…having the right help, tools, and process in place makes everything run a lot smoother.

Building a new home is no different. Some of the most common comments we hear from clients looking to build a new custom home are along the lines of “We don’t really know where to start” or “We’re nervous about what to expect”. There’s no doubt it can be a little overwhelming when you think about all the factors involved in the homebuilding process, but we have went to great lengths to help calm those fears.

To give you more insight on the in’s and out’s of homebuilding, we have recently integrated a “Solutions” tab on our website. In that drop down you will find links to home plans, our step by step building process, and our Facebook group “The Bonus Room”. More items are always being added and feedback about what you’d like to see is always welcome.

As we’ve mentioned before, once the building process is underway, you will have access to your own personalized client dashboard where you can keep up with schedules, selections, and budgets. Our job log is routinely updated so you can ‘see what is happening’ even when you can’t actually be there to see what is happening.

Like any other big undertaking, knowledge is power. Building a new home doesn’t seem near as challenging when you have the right tools at your disposal, and our website and online features help put those sources of information right at your fingertips!

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