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Warranty For Custom Homes

Feeling Confident In Your New Home!

A new home is a major purchase for most everyone.   And naturally, there are some concerns that come with making that purchase. What kind of product am I getting? What if something goes wrong? Who’s going to be responsible for possible issues?

Through years of dedicated customer service Gustafson Properties, LLC has developed a reputation of quality and dependability! Our homes are constructed of 100% Hardie material on the outside, reducing future maintenance and repairs. Our systems and products are purchased from industry leading manufacturers, such as American Standard and Delta. Recently, we have even started introducing Smart Home Technology as a base package into our new homes. Aside from these things, we have developed a reliable group of sub-contractors that provide excellent workmanship and stand behind it!

In something as complex as a home, however, there is always the potential for an issue to arise. For this reason, every one of our homes comes with a Bonded Builders Home Warranty.   This warranty covers workmanship for 1 year, systems for 2 years, and structural items for 10 years. It is a worthwhile investment that we make in every home we sell, providing us with the reassurance that you will be more than happy with the home you purchased from us, and providing you the reassurance that there are no hidden surprises.

We want the home building or buying experience to be a pleasant one for every customer we work with, and we’re confident it will be. Our online customer dashboard allows customers to track their project’s schedule, budget, etc. without even having to be onsite. And our convenient mobile app allows you to view valuable information or upload project pictures and files directly from your smartphone. Check out what a recent customer had to say about his homebuilding experience with us:

“Enjoyed working with the Gustafson’s from start to finish. My 1st experience having a custom home built, and they made the experience as stress free as possible.”

-Michael Heppner

As always, we love hearing back from our customers! And we would love the opportunity to work with you! If you’re looking to build or buy a new home, don’t hesitate to call us, or visit our website at At the bottom of our homepage, there is a small contact us form that can be filled out and submitted. Once submitted, you will be enrolled in a 9-week email campaign where you will receive one email a week walking you through some basic “getting started” topics, such as lender and appraisal information. This is an excellent place to start if you want more information on building a custom home but aren’t quite ready to meet yet. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Warranty For Custom Homes

The Homebuilding Experience!

Building a new home can be overwhelming and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be!  Most of the concern of building a new home revolves around miscommunication, scheduling, and budgets.  The experience of building a new home is supposed to be exciting and rewarding, and we want to do all we can to make it that way!  For that reason, we have recently implemented a new software into our homebuilding experience in order to allow our customers to have more accessibility to their projects and to ease the process of communication throughout construction.  Our new system allows our customers to (among other things):

1.  Keep up with their project daily via a personalized customer dashboard.  From here, customers can view their updated budgets, keep up with selections, and see how their project is progressing.

2.  Have access to their own personal app.  Comments and selections can be made straight from our customers’ mobile devices, allowing them access to their projects even on the go!

3.  Have access to a message board.  Now every conversation will be arranged perfectly in a message board attached to the selection it pertains to.

To view a short video on some of the benefits of using Gustafson Properties as your custom homebuilder, visit and click on the video link in the middle of the homepage.  We would love to be part of your homebuilding experience and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Warranty For Custom Homes

10033 Green Forest Drive

If you’re taking the opportunity this 4th of July weekend to look at a potential new home, don’t pass up this beautiful home located in Emerald Estates in Eudora, MS.  It’s filled with extras and conveniently located in a quiet cove in a wonderful subdivision.


10033 Green Forest Dr., Hernando, MS 38632

Not able to break away this weekend?  Visit the link below to view the virtual tour!

If you’re interested in building or buying a new home, don’t hesitate to contact us!  We would love the opportunity to work with you!  Have a great holiday weekend!!!

Warranty For Custom Homes

Get Ready To Build Your New Home!!!

The thought of building a new home can be intimidating. The selections are endless, the process is in depth, and fear of the unknown is discouraging. Here is the good news. It doesn’t have to be! We want you to have the most enjoyable experience possible when building a new home, and we’re confident that you can! Take a look at what some of our past customers have had to say:

“We enjoyed living in our home built by Gustafson Properties for almost 10 years. The home was built with quality and was beautifully designed. We had a custom built bricked patio and optimal use of space throughout. Wonderful Christian family who builds homes like they would for their own family.”

-Ron & Cathy Stepter

“We are so proud of the way our home looks and feels and we owe it all to Gustafson Properties.”

-Jimmy & Joyce Young

“They built a mother-in-law addition for us. Their work was exceptional! I would have them build for me again. The best contractor I’ve ever worked with.”

-Charlotte Underwood

We care about our work, and we want to make sure our customers get the home they deserve! That means thoroughly discussing every phase of construction and every selection our customers want. It means meeting onsite several times throughout construction and following up several times afterwards!

For many people, just knowing where to get started can be difficult. Don’t worry! By simply providing us your name and email in the form located at the bottom of our homepage (, you will receive a newsletter and email providing you all the information you need to take those first steps towards building a new home! It’s all free, and it’s all just a click away!!!

Don’t waste any more time! Visit and contact us today!

Picking Lots

Picking The Perfect Lot!

If you’re making plans to build a new home in the near future, you probably have a lot of questions that need answering concerning costs. What a lot of people don’t realize is there is a lot of costs savings that can be made long before their home is ever built simply by shopping around and choosing a quality lot. When you’re designing your dream home in your head, you’re probably trying to choose between brick and stone, hardwood and tile, and whether or not to finish the bonus. Tree removal and extensive dirtwork probably aren’t the things that keep you lying awake in bed at night, filled with excitement. Those things, however, can add up quickly and cut deep into your budget before you ever get started if you’re not careful. Here are some tips on lots:


  1. Shop around. Don’t settle for the first lot you come too (unless it’s in the only subdivision you have any interest in being in). Even then, try to negotiate. Depending on how long a lot has been on the market, the individual may be willing to work out a better deal. If not, it was still worth the try. Look for steals. There has been some good improvement in the last few years economically, causing property prices to rise again, but there are still some bargains out there that you can’t pass up!


  1. Consider restrictions. What are the setback requirements on the lot? If you are looking to build a bigger home on a smaller (or odd shaped) lot, there may be an issue with actually fitting the home on the property without overstepping setbacks. Take that into consideration. Also, be aware of any easements. For instance, a piece of property located next to a main highway may have 50’ or more of easement to allot for future road expansion. Utility easements are another factor to be knowledgeable of. Finally, consult the local environmental department about ordering a “Perk Test” for the property before you purchase it if you’re in an area that is going to require a septic system. The conditions of the soil can greatly influence what type of system must go on the lot when a home is built. That, too, can be a major item in the construction budget.


  1. Review the physical features of the lot. How much work is going to have to go into the property to get it ready for home construction? Is it heavily wooded? Is it exceptionally low? Are there any major ditches or runoffs surrounding the lot? The amount of dirt that will have to be moved and the amount of timber that will have to be hauled off can be major contributors to cost.

We want everyone to be able to build the home they want. Property prices can greatly influence that before home building ever begins. Hopefully, this will help you on your search for the perfect lot! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at! We look forward to hearing from you!

Warranty For Custom Homes

4 Reasons to Build Now!

Are you debating on building a home but not sure if it’s the right time?   There are several things to take into consideration when taking the huge jump, and you obviously have to do what is best for you and your family! However, if you’ve already prepared and are just waiting for the perfect time, here are four reasons to move now!

Interest Rates. Interest rates are lower now than they have been in years. On average, new mortgages are being offered at 3.5-4%. This equals major savings in the long run!

Scheduling. Spring and summer months are the best times to build in regards to scheduling. For one, if construction is started in the summer, the home will typically be complete well before the holidays, which works out very good considering the busyness of the holiday season. Also, weather is usually less of a factor. Winter months bring a lot of rain and freezing temperatures, which can cause some setbacks at times.

Established Subdivisions. If you’ve looked lately, you’ve likely found many of the available lots in the area are located in well-established (“built-out”) subdivisions. This means established HOA’s and less construction traffic when your home is finished.

Presales. As I mentioned in last week’s blog, several Gustafson Properties’ homes are in their early phases of construction and presales hold several advantages of their own, including options and pricing!

Gustafson Properties Family image

Now’s the time! If you’re looking to build a new home, visit and contact us today!



Warranty For Custom Homes

Advantages of a Presale!

If you’re looking to move but haven’t sold your current home yet, you may consider looking at a home under construction. Often times, individuals who are looking to purchase a new home are only drawn to those that are “move-in ready”. A presale, however, may be a far better option!

Why pursue a presale? There are tons of options! Finding a home that has just been framed or sheetrocked leaves customers plenty of room to customize. From trim packages to paint colors, lighting packages to flooring, you can take a once spec home and make it yours! Pricing may be more easily negotiated as well! Selling a home before it is complete frees a homebuilder from the expenses accrued while a home sits on the market. Therefore, putting a contract on a home before it is complete creates advantages for both parties!

Would you be interested in discussing the options involved with a presale? Gustafson Properties has just broke ground on three new homes in the beautiful Emerald Estates subdivision west of Hernando, MS in Eudora! Two of these homes back up to a secluded pond! The other is conveniently located in a quiet cove! Now is the time to move! If you’re interested in discussing a presale and all the options available, contact us today! Visit for more information!

Warranty For Custom Homes

What to Look for in a Quality Homebuilder?!

Are you looking for a quality homebuilder to build your next home? Where do you look? What do you look for? Gustafson Properties, LLC has been building homes for nearly twenty years in the North Mississippi area! We know what it takes to build a quality home, but if you’re still in the decision making process, here’s some things to look for!

Structure. Homebuilding is a business like any other. And like any other, a business with no structure will crumble. When you interview homebuilders, pay close attention to how they present themselves and their companies. Do they have a plan? Do they lead the conversation and carefully explain how each phase of the construction process works? Do they appear to have a good grasp on all aspects of their business, from marketing to operations?

Knowledge. Building even one home can be a hassle for someone who is unaware of all it consists of. I’ve heard it said before that sometimes you need a checklist for all the checklists! Without having a clear understanding of each stage of construction some very crucial steps can be overlooked and possibly lead to some big problems.

Good Workmanship. This is perhaps the most important characteristic to look for! Unlike with a lot of professions, the work of homebuilders is all around us and in most cases, is open for criticism. Most homebuilders always have at least one or two speculative (or spec) homes being constructed at any one time. Even better, these homes are usually in different phases, allowing customers to critique the work more. If you would like to know more about a particular homebuilder, ask if he has any homes you can tour.  When on the jobsite, pay close attention to cleanliness, safety features (such as temporary railing on balconies during framing), and general construction (i.e.: Do doors appear to have been installed correctly, or do they show wide gaps and barely latch when closed? Does there appear to be an adequate amount of blown insulation upstairs?).

Employees. A company is only as good as its employees! Homebuilders deal with hourly workers, sub-contractors, sales reps, and real estate agents. Ask your potential builder about the people that work in his company or that he deals with on a regular basis. Are they prompt workers that will keep the project on schedule? Does your builder have a good working relationship with sub-contractors he’s been using for several years? Do the sub-contractors (and the builder) have a good reputation with the surrounding community?

Are you looking to build or buy a new home? We would love to meet with you and discuss you’re plans! Visit our website at and contact us today!


Warranty For Custom Homes

New Construction on Country Lots!

For the past couple of years, Gustafson Properties has been building homes within city limits. While many people love the comfort and convenience of city subdivisions, some prefer more spacious and quiet country living. If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck!

Gustafson Properties is about to begin construction on three homes west of Hernando. Two of these homes will be in the Emerald Estates subdivision in Eudora, just off of Hwy 304. This subdivision requires a minimum of 2000 sq. ft. homes, has public water and fire hydrants located in the subdivision (which tends to help with insurance rates), and is located only about seven minutes from I-69. Also, one of the lots we will be building on comes complete with a pond.

The other home will be located on Pleasant Hill Dr. This lot is 1.22 acres and is less than a mile from Arkabutla’s Mooretown Boat Ramp. As with our Emerald Estates properties, it is in a quiet location and only minutes from I-69!

For those who are still interested in our homes located in the city, we will soon be starting construction on another home in the Chateau Pointe Subdivision in Southaven, MS. This beautiful subdivision has a 2400 sq. ft. minimum requirement for its homes and is located just minutes from Church Rd!

There’s a lot of new construction beginning and a lot of opportunities for you to have a beautiful country, or city, home! If you would like to know more, visit our website at and contact us today!

Warranty For Custom Homes

Design Trends!

In a market as complex as that of housing, trends are constantly coming and going! From floor plan preferences to custom trim work and elaborate lighting to walk-thru showers, the options are endless. Let’s discuss some custom features that are trending in this area!

Hardwood floors are a major preference for most customers today! While they do tend to cost more than some other floor options, they bring an exceptional level of class to the home. In addition, hardwood floors are very durable and fairly easy to clean!

Interior cedar and brickwork have also been very popular. Incorporating some rough-cut cedar into the design of a home gives it a little bit of a “mountain cabin” feel without intruding on the modern look. Brick, like cedar, helps to bring the outdoors in and tends to add unique character!

Custom trim is another likely preference. Built-in bookcases, linen shelves, and upgraded molding are definite eye-catchers to guests.

Give us some insight? What do you like to see in a home? Comment on Facebook beneath this blog and visit for more information on building a custom home!