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New Homes & Teenagers!

Having teenagers can drastically change your perspective on building or buying a new home. There’s a lot to take into consideration. Let’s look at a few guidelines for purchasing a home with a teenager.

First, teenagers drive. You may want to consider parking space, turnarounds, and possibly lining the driveway with a rubber tire wall (haha). In all seriousness, though, there will likely be a lot of vehicles at your house on multiple occasions. The last thing you want is to have to constantly rearrange parking everytime you need to go to work.

Another thing to keep in mind is flooring. With teenagers and their friends constantly running through the home, your floors are potentially going to take a beating. Minimal carpet would probably be a good choice. Hardwood, ceramic tile, and scored floors are much easier to clean and far more durable!

Think BIG when it comes to living area! Friends coming over on the weekends and after school will often create traffic jams in a small kitchen and living room. You may consider an open plan that allows for plenty of travel area and seating.

Do you have teenagers? What are some more things to think about if you’re in the market for a new home? Comment on Facebook beneath this blog. If you’re looking for a custom home builder, visit us at and request an information packet. Contact us today!



First Time Home Buyer? Here’s some tips on what to look for!

Buying your first home is an amazing experience! Young couples, especially, spend countless hours dreaming up what their first big purchase will look like. However, as with anything else in life, experience plays a vital role in knowing what to look for. Perhaps the greatest thing to consider when looking to buy for the first time is…the future. That may sound a bit strange but having an idea of what you’re goals and expectations are should be at the forefront of the decision making process. For instance, are children in the near future? Will there be any indoor or outdoor pets? Are you planning on hosting large gatherings on a regular basis? There’s a lot to keep in mind. Let’s review a few things to be on the look out for!

First of all, consider location. For some, the perfect place to live may be right in the middle of the city. Others prefer to be nestled down in the country. How do you feel about the school district that your prospect home is located in? What about activities? Are you a runner that enjoys neighborhood sidewalks or an outdoorsman that wants to be close to the lake?

Second, carefully review the layout of the house. Where is the master bedroom located in relation to other rooms? If you enjoy hosting a lot of company, you may consider an open floor plan where the kitchen, dining, and living room all flow together. If not, you may be more interested in a floor plan that allows for a little more privacy. High ceilings add character, but they also add energy costs. Consider the pros and cons to every option. Then, pick the one you’re most comfortable with.

Finally, look to see if the home has an unfinished future space. One thing is for certain. If you are a first time home buyer, odds are you’re going to begin to accumulate more than you would expect within the first few years. If children are in the plans, you will almost certainly need more room eventually. Choose a home that will meet your needs not only now but down the road as well!

What are your thoughts? There are countless things to consider when looking for a new home. Name some more and visit if you’re looking to build, or if you’re just curious as to what’s available in the area. We look forward to hearing from you!