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Media Rooms!

Installing a home theater, or media room, may be just the touch you’ve been wanting to give your home, but where do you start? Obviously, designing a quality media room isn’t as simple as just hanging a TV on the wall and dimming the lights. There are sound factors that must be accounted for, placement considerations, and of course, budgets.

One excellent article on designing quality media rooms was written by John Riha and can be found on the DIY Network’s webpage at the following link:

In his article, John addresses everything from room shapes to viewing angles. It’s an excellent read for anyone considering incorporating a media room into their home.

On the other hand, if you’re currently considering building or buying a new home with a media room, don’t hesitate to contact us about some excellent floor plans for doing just that. One such plan is shown below and is currently being constructed in the beautiful Bonne Terre subdivision in Horn Lake, MS. Feel free to contact us for any additional information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Lot 7

Design Pics

Old to New!

With all the ups and downs in temperature and the long rainy days, I think it’s safe to say we are all desperately longing for some Spring weather!  One of my favorite parts of Spring is getting to plan out and build my home garden.  It’s relaxing and enjoyable.

What if you didn’t have to wait until Spring, though?  What if you could enjoy the perks of Spring all year long!?  The couple in the article below figured out a way to do just that!  Check out how they transformed an old, everyday shed into a beautiful greenhouse and spa area!

Don’t forget to contact Gustafson Properties, LLC when you’re ready to build or buy your new home!  We look forward to hearing from you!!!


Countertop Confusion!

One of the most exciting parts of building a new home is selections!  Among the wide array of selections customers get to sort through, is that of countertops.  Countertops are an important part of any kitchen.  In addition to the look they bring to a new home, there are other factors to take into account, primarily durability and cost.  Below is a link to excellent article outlining the pros, cons, and costs of some of the various types of countertops tops on the market today!
Enjoy the good read and don’t forget to contact Gustafson Properties, LLC when you’re ready to build your new home!!!

Adding A Little Color!

Interior design can be challenging at times. We all want something different but not too different, trendy but unique. This often leads us to popular apps such as Pinterest or Houzz, looking for creative decorations that hopefully, in an effort to stand out, no one else has found yet!

For those who don’t already know, Brooke Gustafson and Michael House are expecting their first child in November! So, like most first time moms, decorating the new nursery was a top priority. With a little help from Kathryn Flynt Smith she was able to take a plain brown bedroom and turn it into a fun, creative nursery for future “Baby House”!

The “Before” picture of little William’s room is shown below:

Baby House 7

Then, with a little hard work…the new nursery:

Baby House 2 Baby House 1
Baby House 4 Baby House 3

Murals are an excellent idea for those individuals who want to take interior decorating a little further than picture frames and knick-knacks. With a little background information, your artist can actually design something unique to just you and your family. It may be that one feature in your home that, in a way, encompasses who you are through artwork.

Kathryn Smith has been painting for years and is obviously very good at what she does! If your considering doing a mural in one of the rooms of your home but just can’t find the right artist, message Kathryn Flynt Smith on Facebook. If you have trouble contacting her, feel free to email us at, and we will pass the message along. If you’re in the market for a new home or looking for a custom homebuilder, visit and contact us today!

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Elegant Touches To Upgrade Your Home!

We would all love to live like the celebrities…multi-million dollar homes with thousands of dollars of landscaping. For the average person, however, that just isn’t very practical. I recently heard a man talking about how there was a time in his life when money was no issue! He could buy whatever he wanted and eat out every night! He had the newest clothes and a nice ride! Unfortunately, he turned 18 shortly thereafter, and with adulthood came bills and responsibilities that put an end to that extravagant lifestyle. We laugh about stories like that, but being on a tighter budget doesn’t always mean you can’t have a home with some classy, distinct features.

Concrete work is one of the first areas a person can add some character to their home. Adding a section of pavers to the end of a driveway (or even stamping the concrete for that matter) can break the monotony of a typical broomed finish and can be done for a fairly affordable price. For longer drives, curbs add a classy touch and distinctive look. Stained and scored floors are very popular among many people for the insides of houses. For the same affordable cost, however, you can have patios and porches scored and stained, bringing some added contrast to the outside of your home. Jack Weathers of Pro/Con does an excellent job scoring and staining concrete, and has been doing quality work for Gustafson Properties for years!

Another option for giving certain rooms of your home a stylish look is custom paint. Pin striping is a popular choice here. You can take a paint color and alternate it against the same color with only 50%-75% of the formula to create an elegant “ghost pin stripping”. For a bolder look, consider alternating contrasting colors. Another option in painting is faux painting. From leather-looking ceilings to marble walls, the possibilities are endless! You can give your walls a crackling appearance or add a textured look with sponges! Brandon Abernathy at the Hernando Sherwin Williams is a great source for information on any paint projects you may have in mind!custom paint

Trim work is another area that can make a home “pop”! If you’re building a new home, take time to carefully decide how to line your rooms. Take into account ceiling heights and area. Choose a trim that is large enough to make a statement but not so large as to over power the room. Stacking trim can give a room a very sophisticated look, and chair rail is excellent for breaking the uniformity of an office or dining room!

What ideas do you have on giving a home a more distinguished look? Comment on our Facebook page beneath this post! If you’re in the market for a new home, visit us at and contact us today!


Landscaping Your New Home!!!

Spring is in the air, and landscaping is on everyone’s mind! Do you need some advice on landscaping your new home or possibly redoing your old flowerbeds? Scott and Beth Haley are the owners of Southern Roots Nursery and Gardens located at 2971 Holly Springs Rd. just outside the Hernando city limits. For more information on landscaping, we contacted them for this week’s blog! Here’s some advice Scott had to offer:

To keep things affordable, try to focus your attention to mostly 3-gallon plants. These typically range from $15-$20. You really only need one or two 7-15 gallon plants, and you’ll probably want to make them your primary focal points in the flowerbed (especially if you’re starting from scratch).

That leads to our next topic. If you are starting from scratch, it’s actually better to start in the fall. The fall tends to be the best time of year to plant. There just happens to be a lot more available in the spring. Don’t let that discourage you, though. For those of us that aren’t exactly “green thumbs”, April showers work wonders in helping to establish those new plants! Be sure before you rip out every plant in your flowerbed that there aren’t any that you want to keep. Sometimes leaving a few older plants and incorporating some new ones into the mix gives your bed a little more maturity. When you’re buying, remember to get plenty of evergreens, such as Boxwoods. You don’t want a flowerbed that’s beautiful for a few weeks then bare the rest of the year. Keeping that in mind, if you like color, pay close attention to bloom seasons when you’re buying plants. This will allow you to have color year round, instead of having everything bloom at once, then fade away. One last tip is to pay attention to scale. Make sure the scale of the bed meets the scale of the home! If you own a two-story home with a high-pitched roof, you’re probably going to want to purchase taller plants and do a deeper garden. On the other hand, if you own a single story home with low rooflines, you may be able to get away with some smaller plants.

For more information on landscaping, contact Scott at (662) 429-3611. He and his employees would love to help you design the perfect flowerbed! If you purchase from them, Scott will even drive to your home to give you some tips! If you’re looking to buy or build a new home, visit and contact us today!

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Design Center Options!

If you’re building or looking to build a new home, popular design choices will be very important to you. There is a wide range of options and, often times, customers can become overwhelmed in the decision making process. Let us offer some suggestions to help!

For some advice, we reached out to Emily at Magnolia Lighting in Hernando, MS. According to her, one of the most popular choices among lighting as of now is the Salento Collection (Item #: 6006-6-70, see picture below) by Quorum. Customers seem to love the white/off-white distressed look.


From a home builder’s perspective, oil-rubbed bronze is the way to go with interior/exterior hardware and plumbing fixtures. Over the years, this option has practically become standard in homes and few customers would have it any other way.

The “distressed white” seems to be popular all around. We also spoke with Amanda from Quality Cabinets in Hernando, MS to get some feedback on customer purchases. According to her, the Vanilla Bean option (hazed and glazed or not) appears to be a best seller among cabinetry.

For more information on lighting, hardware, or cabinetry, feel free to visit these excellent showrooms. Magnolia Lighting is located at 470 Hwy. 51 N, Hernando, MS and Quality Cabinets is located at 1662 Hwy. 51 S, Hernando, MS. Gustafson Properties has been dealing with representatives at both of these locations for years now and would recommend them to any customer!

If you are interested in building a new home or would like more information on design choices, visit our website at and contact us today! Thank you!

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Let’s Design A Dream Master Bath!

What if you had the opportunity to design a dream master bath? What would you do? One of the most popular features in a custom home is the master bath, but what does it take to make a standard bathroom something exceptional? If a dream master bath is something you look to focus on in the future, here are some tips that may help you with the design decisions you’ll have to make!

First, pay close attention to lighting! Install some obscured glass windows to get plenty of natural light! While “frosted” globes look nice, they have a tendency to sometimes kill too much light. Consider clear globes (or an option where no globes are necessary) and incorporate dimmer switches into the plans.

Give privacy where it’s needed. Many baths simply offer a divider wall between the toilet area and the rest of the room, but if we’re designing the perfect bathroom why not go ahead and close it off completely.

Give yourself a little space! Do a separate his/her vanity. If the square footage allows, do a separate his/her closet as well! Remember to be symmetrical with the layout of these features, possibly using the tub as a centerpiece.

While we’re on the issue of tubs and showers…GO BIG! Remember jacuzzi tubs are a popular choice but jets are known to collect some dirt and grime. If you don’t want to worry yourself with the constant cleaning of jets, you may just consider an oversized soaker tub with plenty of top space on the tub deck for all of the necessities! The same stands for showers. The bigger the better! With a good-sized shower and the proper placement of the showerhead, you can even avoid installing a shower door (which is also a harbor for soap scum and grime)! Consider installing a rain head! If you don’t want to now but may later on, stub the plumbing up for it. This will make it easy to come back and add.

One thing every practical bath must have is plenty of storage space. A custom built-in linen shelf is a beautiful addition to any bath. Along with that add a hamper area for the clothes.

Finally, consider an accent wall! Not just any accent wall. Most master baths that stand apart from the rest have that “earthy” feel. Bring some natural elements into the picture! Install brick or stone on one of the walls, possibly in the shower! Choose a granite vanity color that compliments it.

What suggestions do you have? Comment on Facebook beneath this blog. If you’re looking for a local contractor to build your dream master bath or if you’re in the market for a custom home, visit and contact us today!